I am Peter Marosi
Sitebuilder and a Frontend Developer

My name is Peter Marosi and I’m an enthusiast Frontend developer. I’ve started programming in 2007. The past 8 years I’ve been working in many fields related to the creative digital playground but all the time I ended up as a Frontend Developer ;). I’ve been working as a DTP operator/graphic designer, this was the leap of my career when I gained my native skills in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. I’ve started with simple website implementation in plain HTML, after a while, where I felt I need some kind of CMS. So I started with Joomla CMS with several small websites and I suffered the limits of it. The next phase was when I switched to Drupal and it dazzled me with its high level of flexibility and the active community; I had the luck to working with it on small & large scale international projects. On JS part I’ve started with MooTools (Joomla's inheritance) & jQuery; as client side rendering and web apps getting more and more popular lately; I expanded my boundaries with VanillaJS, AngularJS, and React.

interested in providing the optimum website performance on all range of devices, every aspect of it: response, animation, idle & load (aka RAIL).

Personal info

Peter Marosi
Date of birth:
26th June 1985
Current location:
Szeged, Hungary


Work Experience

  1. Toptal

    Full Stack Frontend Developer

    - Present

    Developing a new web product for Toptal. Using Node, Webpack and React during development. Writing unit test for the React components with Mocha, Chai, and Sinon. Writing reusable UI components with Stylus. Using Git for version control and GitHub for code reviews.

  2. Freelance career

    Full Stack Frontend Developer & Sitebuilder

    - Present

    Contracting for many clients from startups and their MVPs to SMEs to big companies and their complex corporate websites. Mainly working with Drupal but I've done some projects with Angular. Subscribed to modern workflows including automation via Grunt/Gulp or sometimes native npm, huge fan of BEM implementation via SASS, and version control via Git. On a side note, I have to mention I worked a lot on DTP area that where I gain a huge experience working with Ai and Id. Cooperate with local designers and creative studios also.

  3. EPAM

    Senior Frontend Developer


    Responsible of the Frontend Development of a British price comparison website-based business specializing in financial services. Building a complex business leading web app for desktop, tablet and mobile using high performant modular AngularJS with vanilla Javascript, SASS/SCSS(BEM methodology), Grunt, HTML5 and JSTL. Application served out by AEM (also know as CQ 5.5), supperted by Jenkins and the processes organized by Mingle and Flowdock. I've been played a key developer role during their redesign process.

  4. Pronovix

    Lead Frontend Developer & Website builder


    Responsible of Frontend Development of small and large scale websites, based on Drupal 6 and 7, extend the core system with Drush, Freatures, Panels & Rules. I've used Jquery, SASS/SCSS, Gulp, HTML5 and Drupal 6 & 7 php based template language. I've also supported and participated several Drupal related Events with print or web related work.

Some of the clients
I have produced work for

International Businesses

Local Businesses

& Core Skills

Tooling / Workflow

Git Flow, GitHub Flow
Extensive Configuration and custom extensions
Extensive Configuration
Extensive Configuration
Extensive Configuration as a task runner
Package Management:
Ruby, npm, bower, git, Drush
Unit testing:
Karma & Jasmine, Karma & Chai & Mocha
Integration test:
Protractor & Selenium
Continuous Integration with Jenkins


Coding Conventions and Guidelines:
D.R.Y., SOLID, HTML5, CSS (BEM), JavaScript (Idiomatic JS), AngularJs (Johnpapa style guide)
Code drives:
Component-based development, Performance-budget driven development


HTML Development
HTML5, ARIA, Jade, Symphony, SLIM, JSTL, W3C Standards
Javascript Development:
ES2015, VanillaJS, AngularJs, JQuery, JQLite
CSS Development:
Bootstrap, Material Design, Foundation, Gantry
CSS Processors:
Compass, SCSS/SASS, PostCSS, Stylus, LESS
Responsive Development
Includes on device remote debugging and testing
Fine tuning
Performance optimization and debugging

Project Management

Remote Working
Large & small teams and rarely alone
Working Setups
Agile Scrum, Agile Kanban